Key Worker singer Tom Ryder looks at the SCALES system that can help you with your physical and mental wellbeing

Davida Erdahl

In his newest Retune column, Tom Ryder appears at the intelligent process you can live your everyday living by to continue to keep things nicely balanced…

In excess of the previous several months I have released numerous procedures and ideas that advertise wellbeing in the course of lockdown. These have incorporated an application to assistance you continue to be in contact and linked (Houseparty), a selection of encouraged listening on Spotify and a physical fitness tracker that is both motivational and social (Strava).

This 7 days, and for the 6 months over and above, I am heading to delve a minor further and consider you via a process that we use at Retune to discover, measure and ‘tune up’ mental wellbeing. The process is known as SCALES, and it comprises 6 ‘strings’: Snooze, Artistic, Lively, Pay attention, Earth and Social.

SCALES (34044755)

I will be heading into extra detail about

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