No crowds not an option for local footy

Davida Erdahl

Although the AFL seems established to resume its time behind closed doors with broadcast income a driving issue, league boss John Kernahan explained it was not a thought for the area level of competition.

Halting supporters from moving into venues would be hard with the bulk of Adelaide Footy League grounds not fenced in.

Furthermore, clubs would only be equipped to go over the value of placing groups on the area if they could crank out income by canteen and bar areas.

Goodwood Saints president Craig Scott explained, like most neighborhood clubs, the notion of enjoying with no supporters appeared way too hard.

“It is pointless enjoying newbie league footy without having crowds,” Scott explained.

“That’s what we require. We require folks at the BBQ, we require folks acquiring a consume, shopping for a ticket in the raffle.

“It’s just pure value for us if we perform (without having them).”… Read More