CLASS ready to face challenges with smart services

Davida Erdahl

Course, an Italy-based sensible eco-system, which implements its portfolio of routines and expert services to embrace responsible fashion to support designers, manufacturers, pupils and innovators advocating for a extra sustainable and virtuous business has re-structured alone close to three principal parts: The Clever Tools, The Clever Academy and The Clever Source. 


“In the previous months the pandemic has significantly altered life and business, accelerating ongoing procedures and innovations. From e-finding out to digital conversation, what it could possibly have taken yrs to grow to be a day-to-day plan is currently section of a new normality,” Giusy Bettoni, founder and CEO of Course ecohub, mentioned in a push launch.


In the previous semester, at Course we have been doing work on new paths for sustainable and virtuous business. As the pandemic unfolded on us, we resolved to make use of this kind of of an excellent pause from the everyday hustle

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