NYC tailor’s $300 bespoke masks are flying off the shelves

Davida Erdahl

Outfits utilized to make the person. These times, it’s a mask.

Brooklyn-primarily based tailor Yosel Tiefenbrun is accustomed to whipping up $8,000 bespoke men’s satisfies that can involve some 80 hrs of get the job done to manner. But these times, the Crown Heights-primarily based sewing celebrity is switching gears: cranking out bespoke masks that provide for up to $three hundred apiece.

“We have to retain safe and sound, but if you’re heading to have on [a mask], you might as very well have on it in design,” Tiefenbrun, thirty, tells The Write-up. “You want to glance superior in it.”

Tiefenbrun, a bespectacled Orthodox Jew with a haute hipster edge, is joining the ranks of upscale designers cashing in on the new have to have for protecting equipment as their most glitzy endeavors take a back again seat thanks to the coronavirus.

When a majority of Tiefenbrun’s orders are for

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