Last summer’s hottest dress is now this year’s chicest mask

Davida Erdahl

Same trendy item, new garment.

Last summer time, the gown absolutely everyone was abruptly putting on was a shapeless spotted shmatta from Zara which charge $70. This summer time, the identical pattern is currently being utilized to make the summer’s trendiest masks.

An Instagram account devoted to sightings of the common frock, @hotforthespot, is now also documenting occasions of the identical polka-dot fabric currently being utilized to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

“Never undervalue the gown. She’s here to stay, what ever 2020 throws at her,” the girl guiding the @hot4thespot, Faye Oakenfull of London, tells The Write-up.

Like many millennial gals, Lani Isaacs, 31, had the gown of summer time 2019. But “roll around summer time 2020 and the best accessory is a facial area mask,” the advertising freelancer from London claims. She’s been purchasing a wide range of fabrics to make scrubs for vital staff, and determined

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