Billie Eilish makes statement on body image, ‘desirability’

Davida Erdahl

There’s a dark rationale for Billie Eilish’s signature seem.

The Grammy-profitable eighteen-year-aged suggests she normally doesn’t come to feel interesting to the men and women she dates, and as a result, attire in saggy apparel.

“Here’s a bomb for you: I have never felt preferred,” Eilish tells GQ in an interview posted Thursday. “My earlier boyfriends never built me come to feel preferred. None of them. And it’s a massive factor in my daily life that I come to feel I have never been physically preferred by any individual.”

In reaction to this, the singer attire in apparel that do not display off her overall body, in order to cover it from the earth and its judgments.

“I gown the way I gown as I do not like to imagine of you guys — I mean any one, anyone — judging it, or the measurement of it,” suggests Eilish.


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