How to Get to Know Your Neighborhood

Davida Erdahl

A large amount of my profession as a author has associated placing a smaller notebook and smartphone in my pocket and stepping out the front door to walk close to and glance at matters. For several a long time (5, but who’s counting?) I wrote a nearby column identified as The Stroll based mostly mostly on this concept. 

I in the beginning pitched it to my editor because the subject make a difference appeared inexhaustible. I’d encounter no lack of fascinating matters in the designed and organic surroundings, appropriate? Any road, park, or creating in the world has a tale to explain to. 

But what do you do when you’ve exhumed that tale, verified the former streetcar route, observed each individual roundabout, parklet, historic marker, and vinyl sticker graffito? At times you’re seeing the identical streets, parks, and properties each individual day. Or to set it a different way…how did

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