Connor hits back: ‘My posts did not defame TDU boss’

Davida Erdahl

In her court docket papers, Francene Connor also doubles down on her assert that a general public servant, the late David McFarlane, performed a key position in making the multi million-dollar party.

She asks the District Courtroom to dismiss Mr Turtur’s defamation assert, declaring her posts had been secured by “qualified privilege” and drew reactions from just forty seven individuals.

Nonetheless, in a penned reaction filed with the court docket, Mr Turtur states his lawsuit need to go ahead since Mr McFarlane’s position in TDU background is “merely perfunctory”.

Mr Turtur has asked the court docket to order Ms Connor pay aggravated damages for defaming his character on the internet with “improper motives” and “ulterior purposes”.

He claimed that, on Facebook, she falsely accused him of thieving credit history for the TDU from Mr McFarlane, who labored at SA Important Situations, and being silent to “maintain the lie”.

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