Minnesota Drive-in Movie Theaters and Schedules

Davida Erdahl

Drive-in theaters have presented a dreamy escape into the depths of film magic for generations. If you have under no circumstances reclined into a sea of blankets in your trunk, surrounded on all sides by an inky sky, this is the 12 months to upend your complete film-likely encounter generate-ins are extremely very well-suited to social distancing specifications of 2020.

Most theaters you should not announce their weekend’s films right up until the week of, so retain an eye on their sites. But truthfully, generate-ins are not actually about what is actually on the screen.

Space will be limited as most generate-ins are at this time operating at fifty% ability. Social distancing in between get-togethers will be strictly enforced, and facial area-masks are strongly inspired when you’re absent from your automobile.

Each and every theater has their have distinct tips concerning social distancing, outside food, pets, hatchbacks, and additional. Peruse

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