India to gain most from supply chain move from PRC: Nomura

Davida Erdahl

The COVID-19 disaster will probable lead to de-globalisation and a slide in US dollar’s dominance in the globe, according to Japanese lender Nomura, which a short while ago claimed some of the international provide chains will transfer out from China and will change generally to Asian nations, with India poised to be the top rated beneficiary.

Eight of the top rated 10 nations around the world that would perhaps gain from the dislocation from China are positioned in Asia, with India topping the record. India, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia rank in the top rated 5, the lender claimed.

The two non-Asian nations around the world in the top rated 10 are Poland and the Czech Republic, “owing to their favourable expense climate”.

Nonetheless, the top rated losers owing to the dislocation would again be Asian nations around the world, with the top rated eight potential losers in the globe

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