Heart attacks and strokes don’t stop during a pandemic

Davida Erdahl

(BPT) – In the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, medical professionals across the nation are reporting a sharp drop in patients coming to the hospital for heart attacks and strokes. These ailments really don’t stop in the course of a pandemic, and the drop has medical professionals anxious that numerous people experiencing signs may possibly not be in search of remedy, or that they are in search of remedy only after their affliction has worsened. Delaying care could pose a major risk to your overall health.

“Heart attacks and strokes expected emergency care prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, and they carry on to call for emergency care now,” reported Dr. Sean D. Pokorney, MBA, assistant professor of medication in the division of cardiology at Duke University School of Medication. “If you are experiencing signs, call your doctor or connect with 911 now, as you may possibly need fast care to

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