Hotel quarantine linked to 99 per cent of Victorian cases

Davida Erdahl

Doherty Institute director Professor Ben Howden tabled evidence to the hotel quarantine inquiry on Monday showing three main transmission sources for current coronavirus infections started in late May or early June, after Victoria’s first wave of infections virtually died out.

The three sources started with infected returning travellers. International arrivals went into quarantine hotels from March 29 until the fatally flawed program was suspended in July, amid Victoria’s second wave.

Prof Howden said he could not provide a proportion of cases linked to the quarantine program because he did not have all appropriate data.

But he said almost all current Victorian cases could be linked to three sources known as networks two and three, and cluster 45A. “All current cases, bar a few, are from those transmission networks and that cluster,” he told the inquiry, headed by former judge Jennifer Coate.

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