How does telehealth really compare to in-person health care?

Davida Erdahl

(BPT) – Adhering to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, the adoption of telehealth solutions has been on the rise and folks are turning to digital technologies much more than ever to tackle their particular well being care needs without the need of possessing to depart their homes.

But while a lot of have begun to embrace telehealth choices as a new way to hook up to care and tackle their particular well being needs, myths bordering what telehealth solutions are meant for and how they examine to in-business visits go on to prevail.

To support figure out how digital care can very best fulfill well being care needs throughout quarantine and outside of, listed here are the information at the rear of 4 typical misconceptions about telehealth:

Fantasy #one: Telehealth is only for basic or urgent care needs.

Fact: Telehealth can frequently be the first

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