Secret stockpile of super strength MDMA for Australia

Davida Erdahl

Information Corp Australia has spoken to essential drug experts throughout Europe and Australia about the provide of ecstasy all through the coronavirus pandemic.

Products getting produced in the Netherlands now contain frequently extra than twice, and at times up to 5 periods, the power of MDMA previously created.

The pills getting made, in accordance to the success of drug screening in Amsterdam, are up to 97 for every cent pure MDMA, which can have deadly consequences on young users who do not have the overall body weight to absorb the drugs.

And with lockdowns throughout the planet minimizing drug use, it is feared a “stockpile” of the drugs will flood the market place when countries, like Australia, simplicity social distancing principles.

The alarming advancement comes as an Australian charity is seeking lawful assistance and options to established up pill screening at festivals in spite of NSW Leading Gladys Berejiklian rejecting … Read More