Top 10 areas where South Australians have lost their jobs

Davida Erdahl

Just one in every 16 work opportunities held by staff in their 20s has vanished considering that March, as lockdowns and border closures smash the tourism, hospitality and retail sectors.

Just one in forty center-aged staff in their 40s and 50s has been sacked throughout the pandemic.

Toddler Boomers have been more difficult-hit, with a person in nine staff in their 70s and a person in 16 staff in their 60s made redundant.

Centre for Long term Work senior economist Alison Pennington yesterday warned a era of younger Australians could miss out on out on stable work opportunities, home ownership and getting small children.

“Full-time work opportunities are being changed by lesser portion-time work opportunities that are far more probably to be insecure and everyday,’’ she explained.

“We will have a era of Australians locked out of decent function, owning a home, making a relatives and constructing a feeling of … Read More