U of M Launches Immigrants in COVID America Project

Davida Erdahl

When the COVID-19 pandemic distribute across the country final spring, some referred to the virus as the “great equalizer” that knew no boundaries of wealth, ideology, race, or class. But as test results came in, COVID came to disproportionately impacts immigrant, Black, Indigenous, and other communities of colour.

In an work to document the pandemic’s effects on immigrants, refugees, and asylees in the U.S., the College of Minnesota has launched the Immigrants in COVID America challenge, a world wide web source that gathers applicable exploration, reporting, and evaluation in an available public forum. 

The challenge addresses health disparities and the forces that travel them: it highlights structural inequities—from minimal healthcare obtain to detention in crowded centers—that put immigrants and refugees at higher risk of an infection and demise. But the exploration crew also reports the social, political, and economic impacts of the pandemic. In addition to health, they’ve identified  troubles

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