Addcomposites’ AFP-XS for industries beyond aerospace

Davida Erdahl

Addcomposites’ plug-n-create platform, the AFP-XS, is now in operation at Compositadour, a French technological platform specialising in superior manufacturing. This will maximize the access to superior composites manufacturing to a broader marketplace. Compositadour has been performing to broaden use of superior composites outside of the aerospace sector.

The bulk of the non-aerospace industries these as composites, robotics and additive manufacturing do not have the means demanded to access the similar reducing-edge know-how that is utilised in advance manufacturing and exploration being performed in aerospace sector.

Compositadour gives a platform for experimentation making use of electronic and robotic technologies for the Manufacturing unit of the Foreseeable future. Compositadour gives reducing-edge tools and mobilises its community of techniques to validate and experiment with progressive processes for businesses of all dimensions.

Pravin Luthada, CEO and co-founder of Addcomposites, stated, “We are enthusiastic to support Compositadour’s attempts in expanding superior manufacturing in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine

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