The Future of Twin Cities Office Space

Davida Erdahl

When Marvin employees finally step back into their physical offices in Warroad, they’ll find a very different space than the one they left in March.

That’s because it just so happened that Marvin was in the middle of redesigning its headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Warroad when the pandemic hit. Now, as the window and door maker considers its return-to-office plan, designers and architects are tweaking the next phases of renovation with an eye toward lessons learned during COVID-19. And while certain necessities, like highly filtered air and plenty of room to spread out, go without saying, others are a little more subtle. 

“We were hearing from people working from home that they love the natural light and will miss that,” says Christine Marvin, vice president of design strategy. Since Marvin is a window and door company, natural light was already a central element of the renovation by the firm

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