MagnaColours gets certified to ZDHC Level 3

Davida Erdahl

MagnaColours has introduced that it is now certified to ZDHC Confidence Degree 3 (Zero Discharge of Harmful Chemicals), the maximum ZDHC certification level currently accessible. MagnaColours has revolutionised the textile industry with formaldehyde-no cost water-dependent inks, extremely-high opacity excellent white pastes, and excellent damp-on-damp printing units.

“ZDHC Confidence Degree 3 implies that over 55 MagnaPrint and MagnaTrans Oeko-Tex Eco-Passport certified inks and additives also meet ZDHC’s MRSL (Producing Restricted Substances Record), and are confirmed as remaining responsibly produced. ZDHC aims to remove harmful chemical substances from manufacturing and the offer chain to defend workers, people, and the setting. MagnaColours assures that our core ranges not only conform to the specifications of ZDHCs MRSL but to the rigid MRSLs of international brands and retailers. By means of our attempts, we are lessening not only our chemical footprint and environmental effect, but the effect of our customers as effectively,” MagnaColours said in

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