Itochu & Aquafil to expand circular nylon production

Davida Erdahl

Japanese dealer in nylon raw supplies, Itochu, and Aquafil, producer of Nylon six, have announced a partnership to encourage and broaden the enterprises of round nylon manufacturing. They will operate in the recovery of nylon squander to the development, manufacturing, and sale of Econyl nylon merchandise impressed by their frequent motivation for a sustainable potential.

The worldwide accomplishment of carbon neutrality is urgently required, and the enhancement of the recycling price of petrochemical merchandise is recognised as one particular of the most critical troubles. Nylon is utilized for textiles and plastic supplies produced by means of petrochemistry in a vary of fields such as trend, carpeting, fishing, food stuff packaging, and cars. Having said that, lots of merchandise use nylon blended with other supplies in a compound form, creating it a hard product to be recycled, according to Itochu.

In 2011, Aquafil developed its Econyl Regeneration Procedure that turns recovered

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