‘When your children ask us, we’ll tell them… that you loved them so much and fought with everything you had to stay with them as long as you possibly could’

Davida Erdahl

Madeleine Sanders pays tribute to her near pal Beth Purvis, the Indie’s Bowel Warrior columnist who wrote about dwelling with phase four bowel cancer and who has died at the age of 42…

I really feel I owe it to Beth to publish something deserving of her, to say something profound to express how we’re all emotion, to give up a tribute that is heat and witty and touching all at once. I want to publish terms of consolation to us all, but I locate there is no consolation.

I could notify you that she was loved, but most of us are, so what does that even imply?

Beth Purvis on her fortieth birthday, just two years in the past, with close friends, from still left, Rachel Roberts, Madeleine Sanders, Lisa Menzella, Karen Tait, Darian Compton and Emma Stevens (48887736)

I could notify you that she was brave [she was]

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