Catherine Tyldesley hits out as Emmerdale star James Hooton is labelled ‘disappointing’ for admitting he won’t take vaccine

Davida Erdahl

Catherine Tyldesley has hit out at admirers who say they are “disappointed” in Emmerdale star James Hooton soon after he revealed he “may not take” the coronavirus vaccine.

James, who has performed Sam Dingle on the ITV cleaning soap for above twenty five yrs, took to Twitter to say he normally takes vitamins, physical exercises on a regular basis and has a diverse diet and is “pro immune technique, professional educated choice”.

The actor wrote: “I’m 47yrs previous. I take Vit c,d, zinc, b-12, Q10 and anti virals this kind of as Andrographis, Sambucus, Curcumin, Together with normal training and a diverse diet.”

“I might not be taking a Covid vaccine. I might be labelled ‘anti vaxer’ for currently being professional immune technique, professional educated alternative.” [sic]

Catherine Tyldesley hit out as admirers labelled Emmerdale star James Hooton ‘disappointing’ for admitting he might not have the coronavirus vaccine
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