Shima Seiki provides knitting data for mask production

Davida Erdahl

With the continuing worldwide demand of surgical masks due to the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus infection, Shima Seiki Manufacturing Limited, a Japan-based leading flat knitting solutions provider, has released new knitting data for 14 more versions of knitted masks to be produced on a variety of its computerised knitting machines. 


These are in addition to the various mask data released by the company since March 19, bringing the total number of versions of the masks to 33. Data released this time consists of cotton masks to be produced on both WHoLEGARMEnT knitting machines as well as conventional shaping machines. WHoLEGARMEnT mask data is meant for production on SWG041n2, SWG061n2 and SWG091n2, as well as on the rest of Shima Seiki’s compact WHoLEGARMEnT knitting machines also known as “WHoLEGARMEnT Mini” machines that are suited to production of small accessory items, in 15 gauge and 18 gauge. 


Shaped knit mask

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