The Best Breakfast and Brunch Spots in the Twin Cities

Davida Erdahl

What’s the best thing about the gig economy and the death of rigid office hours? It could be the rise of breakfast. We used to celebrate the morning meal mainly on weekends. But now we find eggs all day, coffee shops that stock real pastries, and brunch on the Tuesday menu. Counter sitting—a staple of dining culture two or three generations ago—has come back, though the leisurely brunch lives on: We’re still burrowing into a comfy booth for three hours of cakes and eggs (and bloodies) on a Sunday Funday. So wake up: There’s never been a better time for breakfast in the Twin Cities.

Insta Morning

The perfect shot never eludes you, even at the first light of the day. The higher the pancake stack, the closer you stand to the gods of Instagram! But once you’ve posted the shot, you’re digging into the scene with fork and knife.

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