How a year in lockdown, taking 7,280 tablets with a lack of exercise and social interaction, has affected my Parkinson’s

Davida Erdahl

Parkinality columnist Julie Walker, of Bishop’s Stortford, writes for the Indie not about parking, but about living with Parkinson’s illness in her 50s…

Subsequent year I hope that the Parkinality column can last but not least develop into about parking and my diary for April is vacant.

Puzzled? April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month. This is my ninth year of living with Parkinson’s illness (PD) and it is obtaining pretty uninteresting. After the unbelievable operate of the healthcare pros more than the previous year surrounding Covid, it would be remarkable if a treatment could be identified for other problems this sort of as Parkinson’s.

If PD was cured this column would want to be repurposed. It would also suggest that a PD consciousness month would no extended be required, leaving April free to mark Edible E book Working day (which is just as it states) on April 1 and Peanut Butter

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