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Davida Erdahl

Through the planning levels of a mural at thirty eighth and Chicago in Minneapolis almost a few several years ago, Robyne Robinson and community leaders walked up and down the road. They sought to know what people and business entrepreneurs wanted from the mural just before landing on its artist, Reggie LeFlore, and the issue for the portray, the gals who aided form the neighborhood. That kind of “legacy-building design,” as Robinson calls it, signifies a crucial professional focus for her general public arts consultancy, fiveXfive—and a individual passion. 

Describe why legacy-building design is so essential to you.

It is essential to have designs that persons can say they were being a section of and that they aided to create—where they have a sense of possession. And when they go down the road with their young children or their kids’ young children sometime, they can say, “I aided make that.

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