Spinnova and Bestseller partner in sustainability journey

Davida Erdahl

Spinnova and Bestseller have announced that they both of those are doing work with each other in the direction of a far more sustainable foreseeable future. In exercise, this signifies that the duo is in active joint product development with each other, to see which commercial merchandise in Bestseller’s extensive array of brands such as Vero Moda, Vila and Picked, Spinnova’s sustainable fibre material would to start with match.


Acquiring proof of idea from its pilot manufacturing line, Spinnova is starting up to build its commercial scaleup. Spinnova has a selection of manufacturer entrepreneurs onboard, dedicated to extensive-time period collaboration.


“Having fantastic manufacturer associates like Bestseller, with the abilities and resources to collaborate with an innovator like us, has been essential to our material development,” Spinnova’s CEO and co-founder, Janne Poranen, explained in a press release.


“We’re really happy to announce this collaboration with Spinnova, which is a hugely promising

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