How to celebrate a birthday when you both are in long distance?

Being in a long distance relationship is not simple; it can get even worse when you can’t be there to share the unique moments of birthdays.

The one thing that you can do to make your partner feel special is to show them how much you care. Make a plan to send gifts to your partner, or do something unique with a sentimental, romantic or fun birthday surprises.

Send a package of birthday care

Send her a birthday themed box filled with care and love so that they should also know that you care and wish that you could be there on her special day.

In the package, you may include a handwritten letter, presents and the things that she loves. Cover up everything in the box to give her a surprise. You may also deliver cupcakes as birthday gifts for wife or girlfriend to your sweetie’s door from a bakery near to your place.

Make a message of video

Use some of your technical skills to send cool birthday messages to your loved one. If your wife is away from you, then you may gather her family and friends for a birthday party in her honor and record everything for her.

Ask everyone to record a personal birthday wish for your love. You may also edit the recording to make it more unique and special, using the effect of slow motion and adding the music to it.

Post the video on her social media account, or you may also send on email if you want that to be private. You may even put the slideshow of photos of your relationship, set the song that you both love the most.

Do something creative

For the couple who loves adventure, send gifts as a hunt throughout the town or city where she is living. You may take help from her friend who is residing in the same city.

The last clue that she’ll found will lead her to the party destination where her family or friends will be waiting for her.

Alternatively, you may also set up the movie date. Get the DVD for yourself and send same to your wife as well. Watch the movie together while in a live chat on video.

Surprise her by visiting

There are no other birthday gifts for wife than giving her a surprise visit. What can be better than seeing the person you love in front of you on your birthday?

Make a plan in advance. If possible, buy the tickets and give her a surprise that she’ll never forget in her life. Also, find an excuse to make to your wife or girlfriend when you are flying like you are busy in work, etc.

When she sees you standing right in front of her gate, you may expect a lot of happiness as well as a shock both at the same time.