How To Wear A Denim Jacket In 10 Modern Ways

Davida Erdahl

You don’t have to be a haulier to get a whole lot of mileage out of a trucker. Or a cowboy. The jean jacket (as its founding fathers contact it in US) has, like a whole lot of workwear staples, absent from remaining a beat-up outdated-responsible of menswear to a go-to for more dress codes than you’d consider.

“A denim jacket is a excellent solution to have at your disposal for its flexibility, in particular at this time of the year,” says Daniel Rhone, stylist and private shopper for a squad of best, best Premier League footballers – emphasis on ‘ballers’. “I like to layer one particular as a middle tier amongst my decision of outerwear and an underlayer of a tee or shirt. Particularly if I have underestimated the temperature outdoors.”

You don’t have to consider his term for it, although you must, because he’s a extremely cool male,

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