6 best PlayStation 2 games in Australia 2021: From $10

Davida Erdahl

The best PlayStation 2 games in Australia

Sony followed up the PlayStation 1, which was a cultural phenomenon with the even far more extensively anticipated and hyped PlayStation 2 in 2000, but it did take some time to produce a actually to start with-course library of titles.

The PS2 period observed Sony refine its visual modelling technological know-how, so these earlier PS1 games with chunky rectangular polygons gave way to far more smoothed-out visuals. We have arrive a lengthy way due to the fact then in console technological know-how, all the way up to present-day PlayStation five and Xbox Series X, but the PS2 is 1 of these turning-the-corner moments exactly where visuals started off to far more carefully resemble genuine lifetime.
Even though the visuals are dated, there is a lot of richness in the PS2’s back again library, and its comparatively-the latest status among the retro group signifies

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