Asia Pacific Rayon selects STeP by OEKO-TEX

Davida Erdahl

Asia Pacific Rayon (APR), with TESTEX, a Swiss tests and certification organisation for textile and leather tests, has selected Action by OEKO-TEX certification to communicate its motivation to sustainability. Talking to TESTEX about selecting Action for sustainability, Ben Poon, business head, APR, spoke about its technique for sustainable production.

“Sustainability is essential to APR. We firmly consider in the worth of continuous improvement and transparency in guiding our sustainability efforts and engagement with stakeholders as a result of open dialogues. APR strives to be a leading viscose rayon producer fully commited to the sustainability, transparency and effectiveness of our operations, serving the passions of communities and country, and delivering worth with renewable fibre to our buyers,” Poon said in an interview with TESTEX.

Talking on its reasons for starting to be Action accredited, he said that they are fully commited to starting to be the most responsible viscose producer working

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