Go Get: The Oklahoma-style Burger at LynLake Brewery

Davida Erdahl

Very last 12 months, LynLake Brewery mounted a minimal kitchen circumstance in the middle of their taproom. They originally wanted to use it as a residence for food vehicles and chefs-on-the-increase: Taco Cat, Sasquatch Sandwiches, Domo Ramen and other individuals held a several months every in the house. 

But the brewery has dealt with their dedication difficulties and settled on a long lasting partner (clever to few-up for the duration of The Pandy, no?), and in the approach, we get a new burger in city. 

Chefs Pat Weber and Phil Dvorak have introduced Burger Joint at LynLake Brewery with a menu of Oklahoma-design burgers. 

If you happen to be one particular of those men and women who statements to be “allergic” to onions, you may possibly want to get a knee. But if you happen to be like the relaxation of us, who know that burgers and onions are a

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