Children left at home alone on catastrophic bushfire days

Davida Erdahl

Mayor Heather Holmes-Ross claimed the Condition Government needed to examine “the crucial issue” of why local residents did not depart “high threat areas” on “catastrophic days”.

Boosting her fears in a letter to Premier Steven Marshall, she claimed govt laws might be needed, generating it unlawful for residents to depart their little ones property on your own on extraordinary bushfire days.

“The CFS information is extremely obvious – on forecast catastrophic days residents need to depart the location, either the night time prior to or early in the early morning, and remain absent until finally circumstances improve,” Dr Holmes-Ross wrote.

“Many Mitcham Hills residents are either unaware or disregard this information.

“Life seems to go on as normal in the Hills, even to the extent that little ones who cannot attend universities which have been closed because of to the catastrophic circumstances are still left at property on your own … Read More