Zerobarracento’s designer bats for zero-waste fashion

Davida Erdahl

The style market generates a good deal of textile waste harming the earth. Zerobarracento’s designer, Camilla Carrara, thinks that zero-waste style layout is the reply to the dire outcomes of regular processes. Zero-waste style is about utilising existing products to their entire potential and not developing textile or other product waste.


Zerobarracento was born with the intention of optimising the textile and style creation chains by improving upon the present-day creation processes, but this calls for a serious head-shift of both equally designers and makers.


When Carrara was a younger scholar of Trend Style and design at Politecnico di Milano, she was checking out quite a few textile corporations and found the massive quantities of waste that have been manufactured every year. The point that such a considerable amount of leftovers have been manufactured by quality corporations manufactured her consider that she preferred to optimise the textile and style supply

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