Noticing what we miss can be an opportunity to discover what we value most of all

Davida Erdahl

Lian Brook-Tyler writes a regular monthly column, Wild&Pleased, for the Bishop’s Stortford Independent about getting pleasure inside of by connecting with the entire world close to us…

As we commence to feel the tide could be commencing to switch on these strange times, I see that folks are speaking of lifetime returning to regular.

My 9-yr-outdated daughter overheard my son’s instructor converse on a course Zoom contact about “…when we return to normality…” and she requested me what ‘normality’ intended. I struggled to solution her simply because I understood in undertaking so I would be promising her some thing that wasn’t mine to guarantee.

Lian Brook-Tyler (34576966)

Right after all, is there genuinely a ‘normal’ to return to? And if so, would we even want to return to it, particularly as it was?

Time moves on, factors alter, we lose, we get, every moment gives a new working experience and

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