2020 AATCC Technical Manual gets new E-textile standards

Davida Erdahl

The 2020 quantity of the AATCC Technical Guide is now accessible, with a few manufacturer new benchmarks. The affiliation will help individuals in the at any time-shifting textile, attire, and products industries. Serving textile gurus, the affiliation gives test process growth, high quality command products, training, and expert networking for a world viewers.

The new Examination Procedures (TM) and Analysis Procedures (EP) in the 2020 AATCC Technical Guide are AATCC TM209-2019, Examination Strategy for pH and Full Alkali in Moist Processed Textiles: Blended AATCC TM210-2019, Examination Strategy for Electrical Resistance Just before and Soon after A variety of Exposure Conditions and AATCC EP13-2018e Analysis Method for Electrical Resistance of Electronically-Built-in Textiles.

The AATCC TM210 and AATCC EP13 represent some of the really very first world benchmarks posted for e-textiles. AATCC EP13 is referenced by other international benchmarks, including IPC-8921, a specification for woven and knitted e-textiles, in accordance to AATCC.

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