Disco-ball face masks bring flashy fashion to coronavirus pandemic

Davida Erdahl

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads throughout the globe, so does the idea of boogie-fever experience masks.

At Wednesday night’s opening celebration for the Brooklyn Museum’s “Studio 54: Night time Magic” show, a quantity of partygoers sported flashy COVID-19-themed experience coverings. Attendees Allison Eden and Gary Goldenstein, who wore matching disco-ball masks to the gala, explained to paparazzi their coordinated glitterati garb was influenced by the likely lethal virus.

“It took me a working day and a fifty percent to make every single a single,” Eden, fifty, tells The Submit of her and her husband’s masks. “I come to feel if you have to don a experience mask now, why not make it incredible? Why not make disco balls?”

Eden, who operates a Bushwick-centered handcrafted glass mosaic business, is among the increasing ranks of pizzazz-minded health and fitness warriors generating and sporting bedazzled experience coverings: Stars from Billie Eilish, eighteen, to

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