Young man’s freedom was in his motorbike

Davida Erdahl

James replied “I will” as he waved and rode away entire of enjoyment in a movie filmed by his grandfather.

Tragically, James only savored “two months of freedom” on his bicycle right before he died in a fiery crash at Para Hills West on Wednesday.

“He was actually just maturing in the last twelve months. He was so happy of acquiring his licence and everything and his bicycle as perfectly,” Mr Rennie, 70, of Morphett Vale, told The Advertiser.

“Once you get on a motorbike when you’re youthful … it’s like you’re free, you’re free from constraints.”

James, eighteen, of Walkley Heights, crashed into a auto, pushed by an eighty three-calendar year-aged lady, whilst riding south on Bridge Rd. He was rushed to the Royal Adelaide Hospital but died shortly just after arrival.

Police could not still verify if velocity was a variable.

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