Where to watch Good Boys online in Australia

Davida Erdahl


Fantastic Boys

Year introduced



Comedy, drama


A team of young boys on the cusp of getting teenagers embark on an epic quest in the San Fernando Valley to resolve their broken toy before their mothers and fathers get property.

Solid and crew

  • Jacob Tremblay
  • Brady Midday
  • Keith L. Williams

In the temper for a raunchy comedy? You are not able to go mistaken with Fantastic Boys. The movie follows a few center-school boys who ditch school one particular day, determined to change a drone they unintentionally broke. Items go from negative to worse as they uncover by themselves on an experience that includes stolen prescription drugs, frat-house paintball and jogging from the two the cops and terrifying teenage girls.

Aside from numerous jokes, Fantastic Boys also has a ton of heart, so you may uncover you will find a highly effective information concealed underneath all

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