Tom Ford’s surprising lesson about looking good in quarantine

Davida Erdahl

What does it suggest that New Yorkers, as soon as citizens of the world’s most style-forward metropolis, have succumbed to so-referred to as smooth clothes, all day each and every day? When six months into this pandemic, with smaller constraints easing and outdoor dining authorized, most of us even now simply cannot get it together to dress in a thing tailor-made, non-elasticized, with probably a heel? When we have abandoned makeup because of masks, alongside with hairstyling, eyebrow grooming and mani-pedis?

These issues would have been heretical six months back, when the metropolis was in comprehensive crisis mode. But time has handed.

Also: Tom Ford has spoken. And he, too, is dropped.

This is a gentleman whose each and every strand of facial hair, for decades, was pruned to the correct very same length. A gentleman who hardly ever ate onions or garlic to sustain new breath, who took 4

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