Professional photographer Colin Brister on the vixen and cubs who have been visiting his back garden in Bishop’s Stortford since first lockdown

Davida Erdahl

It has been a year since the foxes commenced to take a look at us. Each and every night they arrive and each night it is a joy to see them.

It all commenced at the conclude of February 2020 with the obtain of a trail digital camera (a motion-activated online video digital camera). I’d been photographing some community barn owls but they had become elusive, so I put the trail digital camera in put so I could out-twit them by remotely filming them searching and acquiring to have an understanding of their routines greater. Then lockdown transpired in March and I had to convey the digital camera home.

I put it up in the back yard, just to see what our cat Hollie was up to at night. The future morning, there was some terrific footage of Hollie… but I was astonished to see two foxes roaming all over

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