Musician Tom Ryder of Bishop’s Stortford-based community project Retune looks at the importance of a good night’s sleep for mental wellbeing

Davida Erdahl

Starting off his in-depth seem at group task Retune’s SCALES procedure for tuning up psychological wellbeing, Tom Ryder talks to close friends and colleagues to get their major relaxation tips…

First of all, an apology. I experienced planned to generate about the value of slumber to psychological wellbeing a few of months ago, next on from my introduction to Retune’s SCALES procedure (Sleep, Innovative, Active, Hear, Earth, Social). Nevertheless, in the starkest of ironies, I have been unwell lately because I have not been sleeping more than enough.

Accomplishing enough relaxation is fundamental to retaining wellbeing and balance. If my existence was a musical chord, slumber would be the bass or root take note – if it is out of tune, the whole issue sounds completely wrong. In SCALES, the Sleep ‘string’ has a profound effect on the harmony of the other strings.

Hailey Baker with husband Andy and daughters
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