Slimming down the fridge trips, biscuit tin raids and fondness for daywear pyjamas

Davida Erdahl

As we enter week 7 of lockdown, Cate Wilson realises it really is time to condition up…

Very last week noticed the arrival of spring as we know it. And by that I mean rain, rain and even far more rain in Bishop’s Stortford.

With the sun loungers packed firmly back again in the garage and the days of sitting in the yard with a glass of wine in a single hand and a Nobbly Bobbly ice lolly in the other a distant memory, it was time to deal with an challenge which was looming at any time more substantial in my lifetime – my waistline.

Cate Wilson – from sofa to… the fridge and back again. Picture: Vikki Lince (34304700)

Even ahead of lockdown, I was not specifically at my actual physical peak and had now begun pondering no matter if to embark on my once-a-year panic eating plan

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