Skin-care line Sobel Skin Rx has sky-high levels of anti-aging ingredients

Davida Erdahl

In the infinite quest for “makeup optional” skin, quite a few natural beauty fiends request out potions jacked up with the optimum stages of energetic components offered. But slathering them on can backfire, as most complexions simply cannot cope with a mega-dose of glycolic acid, vitamin C or retinol without the need of rebelling. In truth, pink, itchy and flaky skin is commonly the final result of pushing the percentage envelope much too significantly.

But renowned New York Town-based dermatologist Howard Sobel thinks he’s discovered a way around all that pesky irritation, many thanks to the patent-pending delivery procedure in his new, superpotent skin-treatment line: Sobel Skin Rx.

“I’ll be genuine with you, when we did the clinical trials, I was a little nervous,” he tells Alexa. “I believed we’d blow people’s faces off.”

As a substitute, the response to his new products and solutions — like 35% Vitamin C

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