15 Sodas to Sip On in Minnesota

Davida Erdahl

A generation of Minnesotans can try to remember the very first time they understood some people in the entire world refer to “pop” as “soda.”

These have been the decades (say the mid-’70s) we ran to The Pop Shoppe to refill two-liter bottles with lime rickey. But the occasions they are, um, a-modifying?

When we communicate of the new fizzy beverages, we communicate of craft soda. The moment we bought the hankering to make our own neighborhood beers and spirits, we turned future to the sweet things. In fact, due to the fact breweries can sell only beverages that they make them selves, several craft sodas debuted as the N/A selections in neighborhood taprooms.

So let’s embrace the new fresh new flavors in shocking mixtures and sassy bottles and cans with graphics that, nicely, pop.

Stephanie March

Foods and Eating editor Stephanie March writes and edits Mpls.St.Paul Magazine’s Try

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