Running the gauntlet of everyday sexism and body-shaming as a woman or a girl on the streets of Bishop’s Stortford

Davida Erdahl

Jogging lover Amy Petridis writes about the advantages of pounding the pavements and parks – and the darkish side…

A psychotherapist at the time recommended me: “Keep functioning. Ideally by h2o.” A intelligent girl without a doubt.

Jogging has experienced a profound influence on my psychological health and fitness – it gets me exterior, triggers currents of endorphins, burns off excessive adrenaline (y’know, the stuff that arrives from work stress, loved ones daily life and, oh I dunno, world pandemics).

Sworders Area, Bishops Stortford. Very first Bishops Stortoford parkrun. .Pic: Vikki Lince. (44321435)

A runner reported to me recently: “I’m fairly new to functioning but I have by now caught the bug. I love the flexibility and headspace it gives me and the massive perception of accomplishment.”

It has also brought me into a welcoming community other runners expressing hi as you go, parkrun close friends and the brilliant Ladies

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