One Year Later, Mothers Who Gave Birth at the Start of the Pandemic Reflect

Davida Erdahl

Expecting mothers often hear that it can take a village to elevate a little one, but what takes place when the complete village is ill and has to remain six feet aside? Mothers who gave birth last March are recognizing the hard way that flexibility is paramount when it will come to parenthood and the pandemic. The entire world seemed to sluggish down together with these mothers—at to start with, measuring the pandemic in weeks, as with newborns—and then, in months and milestones, mirroring the timeline of increasing a boy or girl. Now, mothers are now celebrating their child’s to start with birthday as the point out prepares to surpass 2 million COVID-19 vaccine doses.

As Remona Htoo bundled up her nearly one-yr-aged daughter for a walk in a park on a moist February afternoon, she moved quickly and with simplicity. She layered her daughter with a hat, and not

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