Why do the Best Watches Come from Switzerland?

Swiss watches are in pole position on the world watch market. It is mainly because in Switzerland, they take fine watchmaking very seriously from time immemorial. The whole business sector has always managed to preserve quality, tradition and innovation. Nonetheless, many people still ask why Swiss made watches are so expensive. If you are one of them, you here the answers.

Swiss Law about Swiss Watches

Have you ever wondered if every timepiece made in Switzerland was automatically called a Swiss watch? Know that it is not the case. The local law is very strict to maintain the real traditional know-how as well as the global recognition of Swiss watches. Thus, a model must be assembled and controlled in Switzerland to obtain this prestigious title. Its movement also has to be cased up in the country. The label was established in the course of the eighteenth century by the corporation of watchmakers who wanted to fight against the American competition by focusing on the high quality of handmade and homemade elements. This initiative has sealed the fate of the exceptional Swiss watchmaking.

Swiss Watches: High Quality at All Levels

Swiss watches must prove its technical quality by meeting demanding criteria in terms of accuracy, reliability, impact resistance and sealing. It also must have a high-end aesthetic character by displaying an original and elegant design. Besides, the nobility of the used materials having the mechanisms or the visual attributes of the watch are taken into account. The watches undergo many demanding quality tests, including precision movement and all of its finishes. They are sometimes stamped with a label that attests to their high quality.

Swiss Watch Cost: the Price of Requirement

The price of a Swiss watch is proportional to the quality of the service provided. It is impossible to ignore all of required criteria. They are just draconian and many points are obligatory such as the accuracy, the meticulous job with regard to mechanics, the reliability, the shock resistance and tightness, after-sales service, etc. In terms of aesthetics, Swiss watches generally feature luxury and upscale models that are both timeless and elegant. These chic and classy designs contribute to the reputation and the global reach of Swiss made timepieces.

The leading Swiss watch brands manufacture their products from noble materials, whether in terms of mechanisms or aesthetic assets. To benefit from some hallmarks attesting to their reliability, the watches must pass a number of tests. They are judged both on the precision of the movement and on the details of the finishes. Therefore, those famous accessories are really worth their prices. However, it is still possible to purchase more affordable models if you choose the right brand and the right seller. Click here to buy high quality Swiss watches.